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The Aptos infrastructure and its Move programming language facilitate developers to create web3 applications that crack today’s consumer requirements on a network that can develop for anything in the future, thanks to a remarkable assortment of safety, user experience, upgradeability, and performance. This article is all about the Aptos NFTs project called Aptos Monkeys NFT. Let’s take a look at it in more detail.

What is Aptos (APT)?

Aptos is a smart contract platform that is widely regarded as the technological heir to Meta’s failed stablecoin network Diem. It is a Layer 1 blockchain that employs Move, a novel smart contract programming language. Aptos Labs is a blockchain company founded by two former Meta employees.

The proof-of-stake consensus mechanism is used by the Layer 1 blockchain. The programming language Move supports transaction parallel processing, which can conceivably lead to transaction speeds of up to 100,000 transactions per second.

The project is the brainchild of two former Meta programmers, Mo Shaikh and Avery Ching, and is regarded as the technological successor to Meta’s previously abandoned Diem network. Many observers regard Aptos as the “Solana killer” due to its high conceptual transaction speed.

What exactly happened with APTOS?

Aptos first made headlines in March of this year when it raised $200 million in the first round of funding from venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. Aptos got an extra $150 million in a second round in July and was prized at $1.9 billion. In a round of investment led by Binance Labs a few months later, the projected value increased to $4 billion.

Aptos was able to reach these figures before the project’s blockchain was even published. This was the scenario when the mainnet came online on October 17, 2022. There was a preliminary airdrop of 150 APT tokens to incentivize early network testers.

What is Aptos NFTs?

Aptos is already continuing to work on building community and communicating its perspective with users, and it has some amazing NFT projects that you should certainly review and add to your collection. The Aptos blockchain’s additional features, such as tables and good storage, adequately deliver millions of NFTs. As an outcome, many NFT projects are and will be constructed on the Aptos blockchain. One such NFT is Aptos Monkeys.

What is Aptos Monkeys?

It is a team of skilled monkeys collaborating to create a civilized jungle. Each monkey has a separate intellectual ability that makes it possible to establish long-lasting products that foster efficiency and productivity in the Aptos ecosystem.

This collection should be minted. A cute cluster of monkeys with jungle mojo who want to reside on the forthcoming Aptos Blockchain. It has more than 10,000 Discord members as of the time of writing. Aptos Monkeys comply with certain morality and ethics, that include Community, which involves cultivating a compassionate, dynamic, and energized community devoted solely to advancing the product and the Aptos ecosystem, and Wider Community engagement, which entails creating a product that native Aptos members can employ to communicate and make relationships for further ecosystem expansion.

Aptos Monkeys

This project reached the top of the 24-hour volume in just 24 hours, reaching $1.4 million. It has managed to surpass Reddit Avatars on the Polygon blockchain and CryptoPunks on the Ethereum blockchain.

AptosMonkeys with a collection of 7777 launched with a mint price of 7.77 APT and it sold out within an hour, with the majority of the collection being minted by whitelisted wallets, and ever since the mint got underway, the AptosMonkeys NFTs have been able to trade strongly on the marketplace Topaz.

  • , has listed the Aptos Monkey project.
  • Join the. Discord has over 51k members.
  • Aptos Monkeys can be found on . It has more than 125.9k Twitter followers.

How to buy Aptos Monkeys?

Aptos NFTs

At the time of writing this, the Aptos Monkeys’ details are given below:

Floor Price21
Volume (24 hours)24,492.25
Total Volume2,88,988.88

Where can I buy Aptos (APT)?

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