Base Bootcamp: Base Network’s Initiative to Shape the Future of Onchain Development

Base Network has launched the Base Bootcamp. It’s an exciting program for developers. This eight-week course aims to turn them into smart contract pros. But what is Base Network, and why is this Bootcamp so special? Let’s dive in.

Base Network: A Vision for the Future

Base Network dreams of a decentralized world. They believe in blockchain’s power. Right now, many people create software. Yet, only a few write for blockchain. Base Network wants to boost this number. They aim to bring more builders and users to blockchain.

The Base Bootcamp Experience

The Base Bootcamp is more than just a course. It’s a journey over eight weeks. Here’s what participants can expect:

  • Guidance: Every student gets a mentor. This mentor will guide them throughout.
  • Learning from the Best: There are regular sessions with top engineers. These experts come from Base and Coinbase.
  • Group Learning: Students can chat and learn together. They use a special Discord channel for this.
  • Rich Lessons: The course uses the Base Camp curriculum. Plus, there are extra resources and tasks.

The big finale? Students will create a real blockchain app. They can then showcase this app to others.

Joining the Base Bootcamp

The Base Bootcamp is a golden chance. It’s for those who want to shape the future. If you’re interested, act fast. Sign-ups are open until October 27.