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The Bitcoin course saw a slight increase again in the last few weeks. Overall, market sentiment seems to be turning bullish again. This phase could already be a foretaste of strongly bullish months in 2023. Can the Bitcoin price increase strongly again in 2023 and reach a price of $60,000? In this article, we take a preview of the year 2023 and analyze whether the Bitcoin price can soon reach a price of up to $60,000 again.

What’s new with Bitcoin Price?

The Bitcoin course saw a stronger increase in the last few weeks. Previously, the main cryptocurrency had stabilized in a range between $19,000 and $20,000. This phase lasted for a few weeks, so a spike up or down over time was inevitable.

Ultimately, at the end of October, the Bitcoin price rose above the $20,000 mark. This rise triggered a strong bullish signal, causing altcoin prices to surge in the days that followed. For example, the Ethereum rate rose by over 20% within a few days and the Dogecoin rate was even able to double. 

The Bitcoin price increase came as less of a surprise, since the bullish signs had increased in the weeks before. Investors in the financial markets are again investing more in riskier investments. This benefited the crypto market. Furthermore, the Bitcoin price was able to remain stable despite losses in the stock markets, which was a very good sign for cryptocurrencies. 

Can the increase continue into 2023?

The Bitcoin price increase has leveled off a bit in the last few days. After rising above $21,000 again, Bitcoin recently fell back below this mark. Nevertheless, the last 2 weeks confirmed a possible bullish trend in the crypto market. It is quite possible that the increase will continue in the next few weeks and that we will see a good year-end for 2022. 

The current slight increase could even be the first sign of a bullish 2023. For this, we only have to look at the last Bitcoin cycle. After a last sharp drop in the price at the turn of the year 2018 / 2019, we saw a continued strong increase in the Bitcoin price in the first half of 2019.

Will Bitcoin go up in 2023?

The year 2023 would be the second year of the bear market, after the market switched from a bull market to a bear market in late 2022. If we look at the last bear market four years ago, we can see that in 2019, the second year of the bear market, the Bitcoin price was able to rise again strongly. 

At that time, the Bitcoin price was able to rise from a low of $3,500, the absolute low in the past bear market, to a high of $ 10,500. This increase occurred primarily in the second quarter of 2019. This increase could also be repeated in 2023. Because the patterns in the crypto market are repeated very often in the following cycles. 

Bitcoin Prediction: Can Bitcoin price reach $60,000 in 2023?

The Bitcoin price could even rise to a value of 60,000 dollars in 2023. If we assume that we have already reached the bottom of the bear market and that a trebling in price will repeat itself in 2023, the Bitcoin price could even rise to a range between $50,000 and $60,000.

However, we have to assume that the low in the Bitcoin price in mid-June (below $18,000) is already the absolute low in this bear market. In the last cycle, however, we saw a sharper decline in the Bitcoin price at the turn of the year. However, the bear market started 2 months earlier in the last cycle. The time of the Bitcoin price drop in this course would already be over.

Is Bitcoin a Good Investment for 2023?

The assumptions mentioned suggest that the Bitcoin price could rise sharply again in the next few weeks, but no later than the beginning of 2023. Therefore, the current bitcoin price, which is still low, could be a very good entry point into Bitcoin. 

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