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Bitcoin price worked to recover its muscles by converging above the significant price of $20,000. This occurred after BTC dropped to a price of $17,600, yet prices have rebounded back to the existing price of $21,300. This forced the whole crypto market to also move back to support zones. This article is all about Chiliz price prediction. Can CHZ price come back to life?. Let’s take a look.

What is Chiliz Crypto (CHZ)?

Chiliz is one of those crypto projects that lost massively since the start of the bear market in November 2021. Despite being a promising project, prices dropped as prices were laboriously extended. At the time of writing this, the CHZ price is sitting at $0.093173. In the last seven days, the price has decreased by almost -1.8%.

Chiliz (CHZ) is a cryptocurrency created solely for sports and entertainment enthusiasts. Chiliz is a project of Mediarex Group, a global sports, and entertainment firm based in Malta. Football teams Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, Atlético de Madrid, Galatasaray, A.S. Roma, West Ham, Independiente, and Dota 2 E-sports champions OG are among Chiliz’s important customers. Binance, OK Blockchain Capital, and Ceyuan Ventures jointly contributed over $60 million to the enterprise., supported by Chiliz, is the world’s foremost scalable, tokenized voting platform. It allows sports fans to buy and exert voting privileges for their favored teams. Chiliz has declared the opening of, its own cryptocurrency exchange for Chiliz (CHZ) and other crypto-assets.

Chiliz Price Prediction – Will Chiliz Price Rise?

The crypto market presently seems to be in consolidation mode after a serious crash. Yet, from one side, we have average virtual news linked to blockchain development. On another side, the technical construction of Chiliz exhibits a slight recovery in the coming days. Prices gained a substantial area denoted by $0.10 and $0.12. As a first target, we expect that prices would rebound alongside the crypto market and touch the first target of $0.18, producing 50%.

CHZ/USD Weekly chart – GoCharting

It is also necessary to constantly place a stop-loss when trading. A suitable SL for this particular trade would be right beneath the $0.10 price, depending on the risk tolerance and risk management. If we closely observe the weekly chart, then we anticipate an adjustment lower once prices touch the $0.20 price mark.

Chiliz Price Prediction: Can Chiliz Come Back To Life?

CHZ/USD Daily chart – GoCharting

It will be too early to predict anything at the moment. The market is not yet fully recovered. Yet, there are some promising announcements from the Chiliz project. Lately, Chiliz revealed a new evolution in the Chiliz protocol. “Jalapeno” is the new update, which contains a DEX named PepperSwap, where users can swap tokens and fill out test surveys as a component of a governance protocol.

Next, Chiliz also declared a Head2Head burn contest. It is primarily a burn tool that changes tokenomics over time by allowing to reduce the circulating number of a token. This results in a price increase if demand remains constant. Additionally, it allows users to analyze how a team’s victory is reflected in its token pool, with higher-performing teams having more tokens burnt. Because of the inferior circulating supply, the Head2Head burn approach might perhaps increase the value of select teams.