Chinese Courts Recognize Digital Assets: What You Need to Know

China’s crypto ban in 2021 raised eyebrows. But, there’s a twist. Its courts are backing rights for digital asset owners. A new report from a top Chinese court has sparked a lot of chat in the crypto circle.

Chinese Arbitration Court Bitcoin Property
Chinese Arbitration Court Bitcoin Property

Key Points

  • Legal Status: A top Chinese court says digital assets should be legal and safe. They should be under the present rules.
  • Courts Stand Alone: People’s Courts in China work on their own. No one from outside tells them what to do. They handle many cases, from personal to money matters.
  • What’s Digital Property? A paper called “Analysis of Virtual Currency Properties” talks about digital assets. It says they are like any other property. So, they should be protected.
  • Law’s View: China is not for all digital currencies. But this paper says people’s digital assets should be safe.
  • Legal Issues: The paper talks about crimes with digital assets. It says they can’t be taken away. So, we need both crime and personal laws to handle this. This way, everyone’s rights are safe.

Looking Back

China’s ride with crypto has had ups and downs. It said no to crypto work and foreign crypto services. But the courts seem to say something else.

In September 2022, some said Chinese crypto fans still have rights. This was when they faced theft or broken deals. By May 2022, a Shanghai court gave a green light to Bitcoin. It said Bitcoin is digital property.

Change Ahead?

China was once not sure about Bitcoin. Now, things seem to be changing. Look at China’s move in Bitcoin mining. They were down to zero after the ban. But in a year, they were back, taking second place in the world.

In Short

This new court view shows a new side of China’s crypto world. The government may be careful, but the courts see things differently.

For those watching China’s crypto moves, this is big. It shows that the story of China and digital assets isn’t over yet.