Dogecoin Price takes a dip: Is it time to buy the dip or bailout?

Dogecoin has been one of the major cryptocurrencies to see only minor gains in recent weeks. Following a relatively strong Q4 2022, the Dogecoin price performance has been rather weak in recent days. The hype surrounding a possible Twitter implementation has subsided, and meme coin speculators are not particularly active at the moment. But is it even worth buying right now?

From Moonshots to Meltdowns: Exploring the Volatility of Dogecoin’s Recent Price Trends

Dogecoin Price: DOGE/USD Weekly chart showing the price –

The price of Dogecoin has fallen slightly in recent weeks after rising in January. It increased from USD 0.070 at the beginning of the year 2023 to USD 0.097 by the end of January. The price initially remained relatively stable in the first few weeks of February. 

Following a third in February, the price plummeted to $0.080. After rising to $0.089 in the days that followed, the Dogecoin price fell steadily in the second half of February. For the past few days, the rate has hovered around $0.075.

Why aren’t meme coins so strong right now?

Not only has Dogecoin underperformed in recent weeks. Other meme coins, such as the Shiba Inu Coin, have seen their value rise less than other cryptocurrencies. As a result, the meme coins were less able to benefit from the strong market phase.

Meme coins are having an increasingly difficult time in a bear market. There are always periods when meme coins can skyrocket, such as Dogecoin before the FTX crash. Bull markets, on the other hand, provide far better opportunities to speculate with meme coins.

Should you invest in Dogecoin right now?

If the prices of meme coins such as Dogecoin are not performing well, this provides an opportunity to invest in DOGE. Because if you buy now at a low price, you will be able to profit greatly from gains in a bull market. Dogecoin, in particular, has demonstrated its ability to perform well in various bull markets (2017 and 2021).

However, you should be aware that meme coins are still highly speculative and heavily reliant on hype. As a result, you should only invest “fun money” in meme coins like Dogecoin. You can, however, hope to make particularly large profits and then exchange them for a “safe” coin such as Bitcoin.

Is it time to buy the dip or bailout?

  • Consider the long-term prospects of the investment: If you believe that the DOGE has strong long-term prospects and that the current downturn is only temporary, then buying the dip may be a good strategy.
  • Evaluate the reasons behind the market downturn: It is important to carefully evaluate the underlying reasons behind the dip, as this can provide important insights into the potential risks and benefits of the investment.
  • Assess your risk tolerance: If you have a low-risk tolerance, bailing out of the investment may be the best option, even if you believe that the long-term prospects are good. Conversely, if you have a higher risk tolerance, buying the dip may be a viable option.
  • Consider diversification: If you have a diversified portfolio, you may be able to weather the downturn without needing to bail out of the investment. On the other hand, if the investment represents a significant portion of your portfolio, you may want to consider selling to avoid excessive risk.
  • Seek professional advice: Consulting with a qualified crypto advisor can help you to make an informed decision based on your financial situation, goals, and risk tolerance. They can provide valuable insights and help you to avoid making rash decisions based on emotions or short-term market fluctuations.


In general, it is critical to thoroughly assess the reasons behind each market dip or downturn, as well as to consider the investment’s long-term prospects. Buying the dip may be a solid strategy if you feel the asset’s underlying fundamentals are strong and the market is oversold. Yet, it is also critical to analyze the asset’s risks and potential drawbacks. However, if you believe that the risks are too great and that the possible negative surpasses the potential gains, you may choose to withdraw.

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