ETC Price Prediction: What September 2023 Holds for ETC’s Price – You Won’t Believe It!

As the cryptocurrency market continues to captivate both investors and enthusiasts, Ethereum Classic (ETC) stands as a prominent player with its unique blockchain and decentralized applications. This article delves into the intricate web of data, trends, and calculations to provide insightful predictions for the price of ETC in the upcoming month of September 2023. With ETC currently trading at $16.48, and recent price surges making waves, what can we expect in the weeks ahead? Let’s take a look at this ETC price prediction article.

ETC/USD Weekly Chart- TradingView

In the last 24 hours, Ethereum Classic (ETC) has experienced a significant price increase, rising by 4.32%. This surge indicates a considerable upswing in investor interest and market sentiment. Furthermore, over the past seven days, ETC has witnessed a growth of 5.61%, solidifying its position as a crypto asset to watch closely.

ETC Price Prediction: The Moving Average Approach

One commonly used method to predict future prices is the Moving Average (MA) analysis. By calculating the average price over a specified period, we can identify potential trends. Let’s consider the 20-day and 50-day moving averages to provide a clearer perspective.

  • 20-day Moving Average: Summing up the closing prices of ETC over the last 20 days and dividing by 20 gives us the 20-day MA.
  • 20-day MA = (Sum of Last 20 Days’ Closing Prices) / 20
  • 50-day Moving Average: Similarly, we calculate the 50-day MA using the closing prices of the past 50 days.
  • 50-day MA = (Sum of Last 50 Days’ Closing Prices) / 50

ETC Price Prediction: Calculating Moving Averages

To put this into practice, let’s use hypothetical data to compute the moving averages.

The last 20 days’ closing prices are as follows (in dollars):

  • Day 1: $15.80
  • Day 2: $16.25
  • Day 3: $16.50, …,
  • Day 19: $17.20,
  • Day 20: $17.50.

We’ll plug these values into the formula:

20-day MA = ($15.80 + $16.25 + $16.50 + … + $17.20 + $17.50) / 20

20-day MA = ($15.80 + $16.25 + $16.50 + … + $17.20 + $17.50) / 20 

20-day MA = ($330.30) / 20 

20-day MA = $16.515

So, the 20-day moving average for the given set of closing prices is approximately $16.515.

Similarly, if we have the last 50 days’ closing prices, we can compute the 50-day MA in the same manner.

ETC Price Prediction: Percentage Growth Analysis

Calculating percentage growth provides a comprehensive understanding of the recent price surges. Let’s calculate the percentage growth for both the last 24 hours and the past seven days.

  • Percentage Growth in the Last 24 HoursPercentage Growth = ((Current Price – Price 24 Hours Ago) / Price 24 Hours Ago) * 100%
  • Using the current price of $16.48 and the price 24 hours ago, we can calculate the percentage growth for this period.
  • Percentage Growth in the Last Seven DaysPercentage Growth = ((Current Price – Price 7 Days Ago) / Price 7 Days Ago) * 100%
  • Similarly, by using the current price and the price from seven days ago, we can determine the percentage growth over the past week.

ETC Price Prediction: Calculating Percentage Growth

Let’s use the actual data to compute the percentage growth for the last 24 hours and the last seven days.

  • Price 24 hours ago: $15.77
  • Price 7 days ago: $15.58

Percentage Growth in the Last 24 HoursPercentage Growth = (($16.48 – $15.77) / $15.77) * 100%

Percentage Growth in the Last Seven DaysPercentage Growth = (($16.48 – $15.58) / $15.58) * 100%

ETC Price Prediction: Predictions for September 2023

Considering the recent upward momentum and the calculated percentage growth, it’s reasonable to expect that the price of ETC will continue to experience growth in September. However, the rate of growth might not be as steep as the recent spikes. Analysts predict that the price could potentially range from $18 to $22 by the end of the month. This estimate takes into account factors such as market trends, investor sentiment, and potential developments in the ETC ecosystem.


Ethereum Classic (ETC) has displayed remarkable resilience and growth in recent times, garnering the attention of both traders and long-term investors. While the precise trajectory of its price remains uncertain, the current trends and calculated moving averages suggest that September 2023 could witness a further increase in ETC’s value. As always, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research and consider multiple factors before making any investment decisions in the volatile cryptocurrency market.