Ethereum Price Prediction: How 4 Whales Could Send ETH Prices to Unprecedented Heights in just 30 Days?

Dive deep into the Ethereum blockchain, and you’ll witness some interesting movements. Recently, four prominent whales have been making significant splashes by accumulating a whopping 56.1K ETH, valued at $94 million, in just a week. Let’s explore these aquatic giants’ investment patterns and understand the possible implications of this on ETH in this Ethereum price prediction article.

Whale Spotting: A Detailed Breakdown and Ethereum Price Prediction

While it’s common for whales to buy and sell large quantities of cryptocurrency, it’s the sudden accumulation patterns that can shed light on potential market movements. Here’s how the ETH accumulation breaks down for each whale over the past week:

  1. 0x3CEE: This whale accumulated the largest amount in the given week, securing 18K ETH, which translates to $30M.
  2. 0x3478: A more modest player in this particular week, 0x3478 has accumulated 2K ETH valued at $3.4M.
  3. 0x5bA3: Nearly rivaling 0x3CEE, this whale bagged 17.9K ETH, amounting to a neat $30M.
  4. smartestmoney.eth: Last but not least, this intriguingly named entity accumulated 18.2K ETH, which is around $30.6M.

Impact on Ethereum’s Price

Such sizable accumulations can influence market sentiments, possibly leading to various impacts:

  • Increased Demand: With fewer ETH available in the open market due to these acquisitions, there could be an increase in demand, which might push the price upward.
  • HODLing Influence: If these whales decide to hold onto their accumulated ETH for a longer duration, it can reduce the available supply, further boosting the price.
  • Market Perception: Large purchases by whales can often be seen as a vote of confidence in the asset, potentially drawing in more investors.

Ethereum Price Prediction

To calculate the price prediction of ETH based on the given data and the mentioned whale activity, we will consider two primary components:

Let’s break down the calculations step by step:

Price Increase and Trend Data: Hourly Increase:

ETH/USD 1 Hr Chart- TradingView

The price has increased by 0.18% in the last hour:

Price Increase for 1 hour=1.67637×0.0018 = $0.0301 (rounded off to four decimal places)

So, the price 1 hour ago was:


24-hour Increase:

ETH/USD Daily Chart- TradingView

The price has increased by 2.53% in the last 24 hours:

Price Increase for 24 hours=1,646.26×0.0253 = $41.65 (rounded off to two decimal places)

Thus, the price 24 hours ago was:


Whale Activity

Whale accumulation typically signals confidence in the asset, which can lead to increased demand and potentially a further price increase. However, it’s not straightforward to quantify this effect directly without considering other market factors. For the sake of this example, let’s assume the recent whale activity can potentially contribute an additional 1% increase in the price due to positive market sentiment.

Whale Effect on Price=$1,676.37×0.01 = $16.76

Predicted Price:

Adding the current price and the whale effect:


Based on the recent price trends and the influence of whale accumulation, our price prediction for ETH in the near term would be around $1,693.13.

However, it’s crucial to understand that predicting cryptocurrency prices is a complex endeavor and involves numerous variables. This prediction is a simple calculation and should not be used as financial advice.

Ethereum Price Prediction: How High Will ETH Price Go in One Month?

Predicting the future price of Ethereum (ETH) requires taking into account many variables such as market trends, global economic factors, advancements in blockchain technology, regulatory news, and more. However, for the sake of this analysis, we’ll rely on the given data to form a hypothetical projection. Remember, this is a basic prediction and shouldn’t be treated as financial advice.

Using Historical Growth Rate:

From the data given, we learned that:

  • In 1 hour, the price increased by 0.18%.
  • In 24 hours, the price increased by 2.53%.

To find the average daily growth rate, we’ll use the 24-hour increase:

Average Daily Growth Rate=2.53

Projection for 30 Days:

Using the power of compound interest, the formula to predict ETH price after 30 days, based on its average daily growth, is:



  • P = future value (price after 30 days)
  • P0= present value (current ETH price)
  • r = average daily growth rate (2.53% or 0.0253 in decimal form)
  • n = number of days (30 days in this case)

Using the current price of $1,676.37:




P = $3,483.69

Given the current growth trends, without accounting for any external factors or significant market changes, the projected price of ETH in one month could be $3,483.69.

To determine the growth in percentage from the current price to the projected price, we can use the formula:

Growth Percentage=(Projected Price−Current Price/Current Price)×100%


Current Price (P0​) = $1,676.37 

Projected Price (P) = $3,483.69

Growth Percentage=(3,483.69−1,676.37/1,676.37)×100%

Growth Percentage=(1,807.321,676.37)×100%

Growth Percentage=1.0780×100%

Growth Percentage=107.8%

Thus, based on our projection, the growth in the ETH price over the next month would be approximately 107.8%. Again, this is a hypothetical projection based solely on the provided daily growth rate, and actual results may vary.

Final Thoughts: Riding the Wave or Making a Splash?

It remains to be seen if these accumulations are mere short-term investments or a sign of bigger waves to come. Either way, the crypto community will be watching these whales closely, trying to glean insights from their movements and potential impacts on the Ethereum market. So, whether you’re a minnow or a budding whale, keeping an eye on such monumental movements can be essential in navigating the unpredictable waters of the crypto world.