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The cryptocurrency market is presently consolidating after a grave retracement. Bitcoin and Ethereum prices dropped again, mostly due to profit-taking from an earlier rich uptrend. On the other hand, altcoins such as Filecoin (FIL) are seeing a price surge. In this article, we’ll talk more about Filecoin price prediction and why the FIL price is surging. 

What is Filecoin (FIL)?

— Filecoin (@Filecoin)

Filecoins likes to reduce the volume of major players in the presently centralized data storage market. The network primarily presents an open market with new storage and financial model, with sumptuous services for public data like open access data, chronological archives, websites, games, insurance, and many more. 

Filecoin Price Prediction: FIL jumps by almost 8%!

FIL/USD Weekly chart – GoCharting

As the crypto market retraces, FIL witnessed an exceptional leap of around 8%. Looking at the technicals of FIL, we can’t but recognize why investors are running to purchase FIL. Its price touched strong support and is presently trying to touch the 10 USD mark.

Purchasing at the present level is the ideal entry into this token. On the other hand, traders and investors should set satisfactory stop-loss levels that echo their risk hunger. A reasonable SL would be below 9 USD.

Filecoin Price Prediction: Why FIL Price is surging?

FIL/USD Daily chart – GoCharting

Filecoin (FIL) has just demonstrated considerable resilience against tether (USDT) as the price readies for a recovery to the $9 mark. Despite displaying some resilience periodically, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) stays volatile as this has influenced every altcoin including FIL. Filecoin (FIL) has toiled to bust through the $7 barricade, but it may now be balanced to accomplish this mark.

FIL prices have declined from more than $230 to $4, with the stability of price toiling to survive during the bear season. The price of FIL has just demonstrated hope, growing from around $4 to $6.3 as more buyers invest in this cryptocurrency. The Filecoin is trading at influential resistance levels where the bears will try to trade. The technical indicators are also hinting at the bullish trend. 

It seems that the FIL is suddenly pursuing its own price course. There is no direct cause why the FIL price would pump in just 24 hours. A recovery to the all-time high of $236 for FIL appears pretty much unattainable, as it would form a completely dirty market cap of $450 billion. Yet, the coin records a substantial recovery from its all-time low of $4.8. That doesn’t lend tangible credibility to the existing FIL rise, though, as it appears widespread confidence in the token’s value.