Get Rich Quick: The Hottest New Crypto Airdrops to Boost Your Crypto Portfolio!

Are you ready to boost your crypto portfolio and get rich quickly? Look no further than the hottest new crypto airdrops on the market. Airdrops offer a unique opportunity to earn free tokens and coins by simply completing small tasks or holding certain cryptocurrencies. And with new airdrops popping up all the time, there’s no shortage of ways to grow your portfolio without spending a dime.

This article is all about the most exciting and lucrative new airdrops available today. From established projects to up-and-coming startups, these airdrops offer a chance to get in on the ground floor of the next big thing in crypto. So buckle up and get ready to discover the hottest new airdrops that can help you achieve your financial goals.

The Hottest New Crypto Airdrops

Metatime ($MTC) Airdrop

— Metatime (@metatimecom)

Joining this event is a great opportunity for you to acquire some $MetaCoins rewards. To make the most of it, follow these step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Register for the Metatime Airdrop

You can get started by registering for the Metatime Airdrop, which requires creating an account using either your email or Web3 Wallet. This will allow you to begin earning rewards right away.

Step 2: Link your social media accounts

Connecting your social media accounts and fulfilling sharing tasks will help you earn MTAp. This is a scoring system that determines the amount of $MTC you can earn through the monthly MetaAirTime reward program and the grand prize MetaAirdrop.

Step 3: Boost your MTAp score

You can increase your chances of earning more MTC by performing daily tasks and inviting your acquaintances through a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) referral system. By doing so, you’ll raise your MTAp score.

Step 4: Participate in the MetaAirdrop events

The MetaAirdrop events will run until January 1, 2024, with a total of 200,000,000 $MTC shipped as rewards to participants. The position you hold in each month’s MetaAirTime program is decided by your MTAp score, which defines how each month’s 10,000,000 $MetaCoins are split up. This is one of the hottest new crypto airdrops.

Iskra ($ISK + $USDT) Airdrop

— Iskra (@iskra_world)

Join the latest Airdrop campaign from @Iskra_World for a chance to win a share of the 5,500 $USDT + 5,500 $ISK prize pool by completing tasks and becoming a member of the Iskra community. 

About Iskra

The Iskra Hub Chain acts as the ecosystem’s mainnet blockchain, supporting Launchpad, NFT Marketplace, and other vital services, while the Bridge provides a secure and trustless link between the Iskra Hub Chain and external blockchains. The three native tokens of the Iskra ecosystem are ISK, iUSD, and Pioneer NFT, which serve as the governance token, stablecoin, and non-fungible token, respectively.

Iskra is a great platform for gamers who wish to try new games while also contributing to the growth of the blockchain gaming industry.

How to Participate in the Iskra Airdrop?

  • Go to the Iskra giveaway page powered by and sign up by submitting your details.
  • Complete simple tasks such as following Iskra on social media platforms (Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Medium, and YouTube), liking, sharing, and commenting on their tweets, creating an Iskra wallet, and inviting friends to earn entries.
  • The more entries you have, the greater your chances of winning.
  • A total of 200 participants will be randomly selected to win $25 worth of ISK each.
  • Additionally, 25 USDT will be distributed to 40 lucky participants who refer at least one participant.
  • The top three referrers will receive up to 250 USDT each.
  • Remember to complete the tasks before the deadline on April 17th at 4:00 AM UTC.
  • The winners will be announced on April 18th on Iskra’s platform.

ZKSync Token Airdrop

ZKSync is a secure and trustless mechanism to scale Ethereum transactions without sacrificing decentralization or user experience. It employs zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) to compress numerous transactions into a single proof that the Ethereum mainnet can verify. ZKSync can accomplish minimal fees, high throughput, and quick finality for any ERC-20 token in this manner.

Steps to Farm for the ZKSync Token Airdrop:

Step 1: Connect to the ZKSync network.

Step 2: Increase the volume and frequency of your transactions.

If you’ve already utilized ZKSync, you can boost your chances of earning more ZKS by sending more funds to other ZKSync users, exchanging tokens on zkSwap, or withdrawing funds to the mainnet. The more you use ZKSync, the more ZKS you have the potential to earn.

Step 3: Use ZKSync for something else.

Aside from simple transfers and swaps, numerous fascinating projects and apps are connecting with or expanding on ZKSync. Gaming, NFTs, DAOs, and DeFi are just a few areas where ZKSync is making a significant impact. More can be found here.

Step 4: Share the word with others

The ZKSync Token Airdrop is for the entire ZKSync community, not just you. The greater the number of people who utilize ZKSync, the more useful the network becomes for everyone. Spread the word, invite your friends and family, and contribute to the development of a stronger, more secure, more scalable Ethereum environment.