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After many breaks, the Ethereum merge finally occurred. Ethereum is now successfully shifted from PoW to PoS. Yet, not everyone is convinced of the action of proof-of-stake. Some Ethereum miners could break off and form their network via a hard fork or some miners are already pushing to mine Ravencoin after ETH merge. This article is all about how to mine Ravencoin. Let’s take a look at it in more detail.

What is Ravencoin?

Ravencoin is a token that is mined on simple GPU and ASIC miners. It was forked from the Bitcoin chain in 2018. The coin offers traders a pathway to create their tokens and disseminate them to other traders. The developer’s objective was to create a token that could be mined by employing just the GPU of PCs.

Ravencoin uses the KAPOW mining algorithm

Ravencoin’s distinction from Bitcoin is mainly the consensus mechanism behind its design. The consensus mechanism is defined as how transactions concluded are added to the blockchain. Ravencoin uses the proof of work consensus mechanism. Even though it now employs the KAPOW mining algorithm, the token earlier employed X16R. With the KAPOW mining algorithm, the mining software to be employed is randomly picked.

How to mine Ravencoin?

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  • Download the Ravencoin wallet from