Is Bitcoin Price About to Make a Massive Move? The Bitcoin CME Gap Prediction That’s Turning Heads!

Understanding the Bitcoin CME Gap

The Bitcoin CME gap is a phenomenon observed in the Bitcoin futures market on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). It occurs when there is a significant difference between the closing price of Bitcoin futures on Friday and the opening price on Monday. This gap is attributed to the non-stop trading of Bitcoin price on other platforms over the weekend, while the CME is closed. As a result, any significant price movements during the weekend create a gap in the CME chart.

Bitcoin Price: Why Do CME Gaps Matter?

The Psychology Behind Gap Filling

Traders and analysts often monitor these gaps closely, as there is a prevailing belief that these gaps tend to be filled over time. This belief stems from the observation that Bitcoin’s price often moves back to the gap level, effectively ‘filling’ it. This tendency is not unique to Bitcoin; it is a common occurrence in various financial markets.

Bitcoin Price: Bitcoin’s Volatility and Cycles

Bitcoin’s inherent volatility and its cyclical nature contribute to the formation and eventual filling of these gaps. Typically, gaps are formed during strong bullish or bearish trends. When the trend reverses, the price movement towards the new direction often leads to the filling of these gaps.

Historical Perspective: CME Gaps in Bitcoin Price

BTC/USD Weekly Chart- TradingView

Historical data from CoinMarketCap can provide insights into previous CME gaps and their outcomes. For instance, in a previous cycle, a gap formed near $3,500 was never filled as Bitcoin entered a bull market, soaring past this level without retracing.

Current Scenario: The $20,800 Gap of Bitcoin Price

As of October 2023, a notable gap exists at $20,800. This gap was created when Bitcoin bottomed near $15,500 and then surged, possibly due to factors surrounding its halving and other bullish narratives.

Using historical data from CoinMarketCap, we can observe Bitcoin’s price movements and the formation of CME gaps. For instance, in the previous cycle, when Bitcoin bottomed near $3,000, a CME gap was formed at $3,500. Despite expectations, this gap was never filled as Bitcoin entered a bull market.

In the current cycle, Bitcoin’s price bottomed near $15,500, leaving a gap near $20,800. Analyzing the monthly closing prices of Bitcoin from February to October 2023, we see a fluctuating yet generally upward trend, with prices ranging from $23,137.84 (February) to $34,018 (October).

Bitcoin Price: Will the $20,800 Gap Be Filled?

Analyzing Current Market Conditions

To assess the likelihood of the $20,800 gap being filled, we need to consider several factors:

  • Market Sentiment: Current market sentiment can be gauged through various indicators and news updates, which can be accessed through CoinMarketCap’s news feed.
  • Historical Data: Analyzing Bitcoin’s price action around previous gaps using CoinMarketCap’s historical data can offer clues.
  • Upcoming Events: Factors like Bitcoin’s halving can significantly impact its price.

Potential Scenarios

  1. Bullish Continuation: If Bitcoin continues its upward trajectory in the current cycle, similar to the last cycle, the $20,800 gap may remain unfilled.
  2. Bearish Reversal: A bearish reversal could lead to the gap being filled, as was observed in several instances in the past.

Considering the current cycle and Bitcoin’s price trajectory, the $20,800 gap presents an interesting case. If Bitcoin continues its upward trend without major disruptions, this gap might remain unfilled, similar to the $3,500 gap in the previous cycle. The historical data suggests a strong recovery and a potential bull run, especially as Bitcoin approaches its next halving event and other significant narratives unfold in the crypto space.

Bitcoin Price: Unpredictability and External Factors

It’s crucial to acknowledge the unpredictable nature of Bitcoin and the influence of external factors, such as regulatory changes or macroeconomic shifts, which could dramatically affect its price.


While historical trends and market psychology suggest that CME gaps in Bitcoin often get filled, it’s not a certainty. The $20,800 gap presents an intriguing case for traders and analysts. Whether this gap will be filled depends on a multitude of factors, including market sentiment, upcoming Bitcoin events, and broader economic conditions. As always in the cryptocurrency market, vigilance and adaptability are key for those looking to capitalize on these movements.

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