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Christmas Eve is just around the corner! We from the Cryptoticker team hope that you are already in the Christmas spirit. The year 2022 has not been the best for cryptocurrencies. So now is an ideal time to make a wish to Santa Claus. What should we wish for as a crypto present?

What happened to Cryptos in 2022?

Christmas is also always a time to reflect and look back at the past year . Overall, we saw a lot of pain in the crypto market in 2022. The Bitcoin price has lost massively in value. This was followed by the altcoins, which fell even more in percentage terms. The bear market has been in full swing and has rarely allowed for times when the coins’ values ​​have risen.

However, we also saw progress in other areas : 

  • The Ethereum Merge introduced Proof-of-Stake to the Ethereum network. In this way, the entire network becomes much more efficient in one fell swoop and can execute smart contracts faster
  • The MiCa regulation has created a basis for the legal acceptance of Bitcoin and Co. 
  • Cardano has taken the first steps towards increasing scalability with the Vasil update

Top 3 Crypto Wishes from Santa

Although not everything was bad in 2022, we would like to give some wishes to Santa Claus. We hope that the world of cryptocurrencies will improve soon:

1. End of Crypto Winter

If we look at prices and market sentiment, we have to state that we are in the deepest crypto winter. There have also been hardly any signals in the last few weeks that we are seeing cryptocurrency prices rising again and that the mood on the market is improving again. 

We therefore hope that prices will rise again. A Bitcoin price above $20,000 and an Ethereum price above $1,500 would be a very good place to start. Many investors would also quickly regain courage.

2. More Transparency from big Crypto Companies

The year 2022 was also known for bankruptcies in projects such as Celsius, Terra (LUNA) and the crypto exchange FTX . The FTX crash in particular triggered a massive loss of confidence in the market. 

For 2023, we wish for more transparency in crypto companies and, above all, less scams. Hopefully the demise of FTX and the pressure on other exchanges to be more transparent will trigger a rethink. 

3. More Sustainable Projects

The crash of many projects in 2022 also shows that the crypto industry is still riddled with participants who only want to make quick profits. In a crypto winter, that not only means these companies will go bust, but users of these platforms will also lose their capital. 

Short term hypes are thrilling and exciting, but ultimately the crypto space needs to mature and sustainable projects with real, long-term benefits should take over. Unfortunately, very few recognize whether a project is really working honestly and sustainably. We therefore wish for honest and sustainable innovations in the coming years. 

The Cryptoticker team wishes all our readers and followers a Merry Christmas!

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