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Ever since NFTs got introduced, online avatars started to rise in fame. The idea behind paying a lot of money (or cryptocurrency) for a digital image seems absurd. However, there is a lot of demand for this new trend. This is also creating new millionaires thanks to buying NFTs at low prices and selling them back at high prices. What is Reddit Avatars? How to Buy Reddit Avatar? And most importantly, what is RedditFloor? Let’s dive into it.

How did Reddit become famous for Cryptos?

Reddit is a social news aggregator from the US. It rates content, topics, pictures, and discussion according to the general interest. The website’s material, which includes links, text entries, photographs, and videos, is contributed by registered users and is then rated by other users. Over 430 million people use the forum and social networking site Reddit each month. These users may browse Reddit for memes that span a wide range of themes as well as entertainment, news, updates, and marketing. The website, which went live in 2005, is arguably the most well-known forum online.

It got famed back in 2021 for gathering communities and raising collective concerns over specific topics. The most famous event happened when the famous Gamestop stock share rose high thanks to pumpers who gathered on Reddit and planned the pump to liquidate hedge funds and investment banks.

Reddit Jumps on the NFT Bandwagon

Since the original release of CryptoSnoo” in June 2021 (an NFT collection based on the platform’s logo Snoo), Reddit has been planning to roll out NFTs. In order to prepare for its August airdrops to users with high karma across four Snoo-based collections, Reddit launched its NFT marketplace to the general public later in July.

Reddit NFT Guide

What is Reddit Avatar?

Independent artists design Reddit avatars, which are then minted as NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. When users post information on the well-known social networking site, they may subsequently put them on and show them as profile images.

What is Reddit Vault?

On Reddit, a Vault serves as your virtual wallet. It makes it easier for Reddit users to store and maintain their blockchain-based digital commodities, including collectible avatars.

You will be given a public address when your vault is formed, and you must protect it. The public address is your unique storage location for your Collectible Avatars on Ethereum-compatible blockchains.

How many types of Reddit Avatars are there?

  • The Singularity: Robots
  • Aww Friends: Cute puppies
  • Drip Squad: Cool and hip
  • Meme Team: Weird, but cool

Meet RedditFloor…a Simpler way to trade Reddit Avatars

What is RedditFloor?

The NFT market is proving to be stronger by the day. In the last 24 hours, Reddit NFTs avatar trade volume has surpassed $1.5 million. The rise accounts for more than one-third of the collection’s $4.1 million in total trading volume since its inception.

RedditFloor newest features

The NFT community listens to each other, especially in big forums such as Reddit. Apparently, there are new features that were recently launched:

  • Floor Price – Buy button
  • Last Sale, time – last 24h High/Low sale
  • Wishlist, star – check your portfolios worth without doing the math yourself
  • Dark mode – System Preference autodetected
  • Privacy Focused – You can do it all by just scrolling and clicking one button
  • Feedback Form: to share feedback witht he creators