The BEST Crypto and Web3 Podcast of 2023 just Launched, it’s called…

You guessed it: we are thrilled to announce our CryptoTicker Podcast that officially launched. Crypto Podcasts are making their way into the mainstream, and we can’t wait to share our interesting talks on crypto, web3 and NFTs with interesting people.

How often will CryptoTicker Podcasts air?

Every Wednesday going forward, you can tune in to the Podcast on Spotify , Apple and YouTube. The episodes are perfectly tailored for a duration of 20-30 minutes to quickly and effectively familiarize you with new topics in a fun setting on the go.

CryptoTicker Podcast #1

In the very first episode of the CryptoTicker Podcast, we interview none other than our very own Dennis Weidner: crypto OG, Web3 enthusiast, founder of Cryptoticker!

Dennis has been in the crypto space for more than half a decade and has already experienced and learned a lot here. He reports on his career – from his interest in shares and founding the agency Paranoid Internet to Cryptoticker, Berlinverse and the plans for the year 2023!

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