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The 2022 World Cup is just around the corner. While the criticism of the hosts Qatar continues, more and more fans are looking forward to the start of the exciting games at the world’s biggest sporting event. Projects based on the blockchain can also benefit from the World Cup in the coming weeks. Which cryptos can experience a boost from the World Cup? In this article, we list the top 3 cryptos that are known as Fifa tokens.

Can Cryptos benefit from the 2022 World Cup?

The 2022 FIFA World Cup begins in Qatar on Sunday. In the opening game, the host country welcomes Ecuador. The big event will take place over the next 4 weeks and will end on December 18th with the finale. 

The World Cup is known as the biggest sporting event in the world. Despite the criticism of the organizer, the anticipation and attention to the tournament is slowly increasing in Germany as well. A football World Cup is always a huge advertising space for sponsors. The 2022 World Cup could be the first major tournament where crypto projects can garner massive attention. 

Because there are now many projects and cryptocurrencies that are either active in the field of sports or work with official bodies from the World Cup.

Will Cryptos go up because of the World Cup?

In the last 2 weeks, we saw massive losses in most cryptocurrencies due to the FTX crash. Overall, the crypto market is going through a crisis of confidence. For certain projects, the 2022 World Cup can now be an accelerator for growth. 

Due to the increased attention, the prices of certain cryptocurrencies may rise in the coming weeks. This could give these coins a new boost, especially after the FTX crash, which they could carry into 2023. 

Which Fifa Token will benefit from the 2022 World Cup?

Let’s talk abotu the top 3 cryptocurrencies that could benefit strongly from the 2022 World Cup. Accordingly, an investment in these projects should definitely be considered, especially given the low prices in today’s crypto market.

1. Chiliz (CHZ)

With the world’s biggest sporting event coming up, Chiliz in particular should benefit greatly from it. In the last few weeks, the Chiliz price has already risen more sharply. The price was even able to rise almost back to the value it had before the FTX crash.

2. Algorand (ALGO)

Algorand is a blockchain project that has become known primarily for its environmental friendliness and sustainability. Furthermore, the blockchain is also the official partner of FIFA.

Hailed as a “green” blockchain, the cryptocurrency has numerous international partnerships, including the World Football Association. The World Cup projects include a FIFA wallet and FIFA NFTs.

3. Chronos (CRO)

The Chronos Coin is known as the former Coin. The crypto exchange behind the CRO is currently dealing with a lot of investor distrust following the FTX crash. 

However, is also an official sponsor of the 2022 World Cup. The platform is thus expanding its strategy of partnerships with major sports teams and sports events. The Chronos Coin could also benefit from this in the coming weeks.

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